Fun and frustration with passwords

The Mighty Daily Journal BlogHey.

I’m back from Spring Break. I’m rested and ready to give The Mighty Daily Journal as much of my all as possible, without – you know – going overboard.

I’ve run up against my own ignorance, which doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. My plan today was to learn how to post a video to YouTube, so I could share with you something I captured during vacation, but I can’t log into Google because I can’t remember my password.

Two computers and one phone have memorized the password. Isn’t that enough?

I haven’t totally forgotten it. I know it’s a variation on a theme that I’m not going to discuss here, because you might figure the password out before I do, and that would be embarrassing.

If you’re like me, you’ve got at least 10 passwords to remember, and new sites ask you to come up with another every two or three months.

My wife also changes passwords when the need strikes her (for perfectly legitimate reasons, I assure you), then she emails the update to me, so I can promptly forget it.

I’d change the password, but then I’d have to update two computers and the phone. Instead, there’s a list at the house with all of our sundry passwords, so the video will go up in the near future.

Until then, we’ve hit a modern problem that probably won’t ever get better – passwords upon passwords upon passwords.

The apocalypse might help, but that’d be a whole nother problem.




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