A pre-rebuttal to Saturday’s upcoming column

MDJB logo04My column for Saturday’s Mighty Daily Journal is about routine, and it was inspired by some technology I use for work on a regular basis.

Spoiler alert: it comes out in favor of consistency.

But I was walking the dogs with my wife this morning and thinking about our recent winter break from the norm. Though the column will stand on its own – or so I hope – a compelling case can be made for changing patterns.

For us in the South, there’s not doubt all the white stuff has been novel, so much so that I’m still having fun THINKING about last week’s snowfall, while also trying to forget yesterday’s Scottfall, when I slipped on a patch of black ice and slammed by elbow and hand into the pavement.

We’re always going to get new and unexpected events in our lives. It doesn’t have to be snow. It could be an old friend suddenly coming to town, which might involve the hassle of changing set plans to make the reunion possible.

These changes can be good or bad. They can be stressful or easy.

But all shocks to the routine give us the chance to glance around and examine new developments. It’s not always a pleasant process, but life keeps giving us new perspectives, whether we want them or not.

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