Mississippi snow

MDJB logo04I’m beginning to think of cold, 34-degree rain as Mississippi snow, which would make the gray puddles in my backyard Mississippi snowdrifts.

I’ve got friends and family in places that see so much snow that it’s considered a nuisance, and I say that’s their problem. I live in Tupelo, and I’d like just a little bit more of the white stuff than we usually get.

The old show business mantra is “Always leave them wanting more,” and the same probably applies to snow business.

I’d hate to get my fill, but I came close as a kid, when we were out of school for a week thanks to a freak weather event in north Alabama. It was a great time, but by Thursday, drivers had pretty much ruined our sledding runs. I think they gave us Friday off just to write off the week. I was kind of glad to be back in school on the following Monday.

Last year, we had a snow, and I had to hop in the car with photographer Adam Robison and find people having fun, which was a nice way to make a living. The following day, school was cancelled but instead of real snow, we got Mississippi snow, so Adam and I were tasked with finding people out in that, which felt felt much more like work than the previous day.

Ah, well, weather patterns are going to do what weather patterns are going to do.

And the beauty of living in Mississippi is that whenever the real white stuff comes down, it’s a joy to behold, if not to drive in.

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