So, I’m starting a blog

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It might be odd for a professional writer to admit, but most of my online life has been spent as a lurker, someone who reads what others say but seldom comments. I think that has something to do with perfectionism. I know perfection isn’t possible, but it’s an intellectual kind of knowing that has nothing to do with the panicky part of me that doesn’t like to get things wrong.

So, there, I’ve invited you into the Mighty Daily Journal Blog with an admission of imperfection, specifically, the imperfection of thinking I should be perfect, which I’m not, no matter how much I’d like to be.

As I understand blogging, it’s a free-wheeling kind of thing. That’s what I’m aiming for with categories like “Ramblings” and “Goofy Stuff,” and I think both apply to this post.

I’ll also place my feature stories on here, as well as columns featuring my dog, Bix, and Jay Bell, my good friend from Bradenton-Fun-in-the-Sun-Florida. We’ll move some movie reviews, too.

I expect I’ll also spout off on this or that issue of the day.

But I’d also like to spend a little bit of time going beyond the goofy, beyond the ramblings and beyond the issue of the day. For me, perfection in writing is timeless, and I’ve achieved it once or twice over the years. More importantly, so many others have written or said little phrases that contain large bits of truth.

So here’s today’s quote, as a way to get started on this imperfect road:

“I’ve done it and seen it many times. Take something flawed, work on it ’til every part is ‘improved’ then listen. It’s worse. How could that be? Every piece is now better. But it’s a worse final product.” – Brian Kehew

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